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Trapeze Video

Posted on Aug 27 by

The 115 year old trapeze striptease on YouTube! http://www.kaliyo.com/trapeze/


Kaliyo (kah-LEE-yo)

Posted on Mar 9 by

Kaliyo makes catchy indie pop music. They are based in Austin, TX Sarah Sharp and Andrea Perry  became a duo in October 2010.  Over the following year and 1/2, they wrote over 50 songs together, mostly as works-for-hire for FirstCom. music. Their songs have been used in ad campaigns for Chanel, Dell, Macy’s, Playboy and TV shows such as Revenge, Smash, Switched at Birth, & The Lying Game, among many others. Their focus is on songwriting and recording, rather than touring and live performances. They both maintain solo careers.  Sarah also performs frequently with her exuberant swing/jazz band, the Jitterbug Vipers and occasionally works as music supervisor.  Andrea composes/produces music for commercials, games, multimedia. Click here to listen to Kaliyo Kaliyo on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KaliyoMusic Download our songs: http://www.vibedeck.com/kaliyo...


Andrea & Sarah

Posted on Dec 20 by

Sarah and Andrea have each been busy with the release of their own albums, but they are still a team, still available, still recording new material on a regular basis.  Check out Andrea’s Solo album and Sarah’s band Jitterbug Vipers and all of the rave reviews, national press, awards, etc. that their new releases have...


PlayBoy TV promo for Dish

Posted on Apr 1 by

Hey, hey… We just got word that our song “Take What You Can Get” is airing on a PlayBoy TV promo for Dish networks on several channels after 10pm. We’ll post the actual promo, when we find it online. Kaliyo seems to have the most success in fashion & sex. We’ll take...


Sponsored by Lexicon!

Posted on Mar 28 by

We are so grateful to be sponsored by Lexicon!  Here is an article about how Andrea uses The Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle for EVERYTHING we record. Andrea Perry of Musical Duo Kaliyo Relies On Lexicon PCM Native Reverb...


Dancing With The Stars

Posted on Mar 26 by

Our song “If I Had A Dollar” aired last night on Dancing with the Stars!...


Macy’s project

Posted on Mar 16 by

We recently worked with Ted Samore Productions to create the soundtrack for a “Magic Selling Stories” video for Macy’s annual company meeting. It premiered to a packed house at Radio City Music Hall and was beamed via satellite to movie theaters all over the country.  Macy’s does not release the video publicly, but here is a great client testimonial “Your contribution turned the video’s value into a lasting impression. Don’t know how you did it but you created/captured the perfect fit for the storytelling.” – Best,...


Gael Garcia Bernal film trailer

Posted on Feb 5 by

  Part of our song “Drive” is used in the trailer for this Oscar nominated film. It’s the upbeat music that comes in three times, starting at 0:48 & ending the trailer. Visit the film...


Lan Kwai Fong 2… oh my!

Posted on Feb 4 by

If you go to 36:25 into this Cantonese film called “Lan Kwai Fong 2”, you will see a steamy sex scene that uses our song “Find Your Way“. Oh...


Revenge Promo for ABC!!!

Posted on Nov 29 by

This is our song, “Deep Girl“. You can download the whole song here. Thank you Revenge, ABC &...


Kaliyo Featured in DeliRadio Blog

Posted on Nov 20 by

Read out our Deli Radio Feature! Kaliyo talks spreading music internationally through licensing, DeliRadio “Sharp is doing just fine without a record label contract at the moment, thanks to a savvy approach to song licensing and online music...


Of Love & Hidden Charms

Posted on Nov 15 by

If You Come over is used in the promo fro this TV show in Singapore. They sped up the...



Posted on Oct 5 by

We noticed a surge in hits on ‘Take What You Can Get’ yesterday. It turns out it was used on an advertisment for the TV show Smash in Finland…. twice an hour for 7 days straight. If they use it in the US for that show, Sarah is going to freak....


Big in Poland III!

Posted on Aug 1 by

We recently heard about 3 more Polish TV show placements. Hotel 52 used ‘Deep girl’                 Lekarze used ‘Life is Perfect’ in 2 different episodes. Andrea sings lead on this one, for a change.           & Przepis na życie, which has placed several of our songs, used ‘Here We Go Again’ at the end of episode 4, Season 3  ...


new songs

Posted on Jun 18 by

We just recorded 12 new tunes over a 12 week period. As we finalize them, I’m posting mixes here for...


More love in Poland

Posted on Apr 23 by

We love hearing from fans when a song gets used. Thank you so much to Klaudia Kalisio in Poland, for letting us know about another song placement on  Przepis na życie.  Trapeze was used in Season 3,...


Big in Poland II

Posted on Apr 9 by

Three more song placements this week on TVN Poland! Przepis na życie, one of Poland’s biggest TV shows,  has used another one of our songs on season 2, ep. 4. The song, “Here We Go Again” is our 3rd song to be used on the show. Also “Maybe Someday” on Prawo Agaty & “If You Come Over” on Top Model Poland We appreciate...


Featured Tracks: FirstCom’s “Good Clean Fun” Collection from Kaliyo

Posted on Mar 22 by

By Beth Marchant   /   Mar 22, 2012 http://www.studiodaily.com/2012/03/featured-tracks-firstcoms-good-clean-fun-collection-from-kaliyo/  FirstCom Music has 19 new releases this month, including “Good Clean Fun,” a collection of original songs performed by Sarah Sharp and Andrea Perry of the Austin, Texas, duo Kaliyo. Much more textured and nuanced than the title’s name suggests, these tracks would play well scoring edgy indie dramedies that ultimately end on an up note. In the first track, “Shine,” Juno‘s The Moldy Peaches meet the major-minor modulations of Elliott Smith.  Listen now....


Chanel 2012 Spring/Summer Campaign

Posted on Feb 7 by

Chanel used our song ‘If You Come Over’ in this video called ‘Making of the Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear campaign’ It’s behind the scenes of the photo shoot by Karl Lagerfeld with models Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls ‘If You Come Over’ by Kaliyo (Andrea Perry & Sarah Sharp) Written by Andrea Perry & Sarah Sharp Produced by Andrea Perry, Lead vocals: Sarah Sharp, Drums: Larry Aberman, all other vocals and instruments: Andrea...


Big in Poland!

Posted on Nov 29 by

A very popular Polish TV show called Przepis na Zycie used our songs ‘Easy’ & ‘Flights of Angels’ in Season 2, Episodes 9 & 10. We’d love to see footage, if you have a clip!...


smart. studio.

Posted on Oct 19 by

‘If You Come Over’ used on this episode, starting 2 minutes in, at the shopping scene. Another fashion related placement for...


Made in Chelsea, UK

Posted on Oct 17 by

  Made in Chelsea is a reality show that follows around socialites from this wealthy London neighborhood. Our songs, ‘If You Come Over’ & ‘A City For Me’ aired on Season 2 of the show....



Posted on Sep 4 by

A big Thank you to Reserved, the most successful Polish clothing company for using our song ‘Trapeze‘ for their 2011 Fall Women’s campaign. More about...


When Harry Tries To Marry

Posted on Aug 1 by

When Harry Tries to Marry is now available on VOD & Digital Download in over 100 million households nationwide and in Canada! Check out Behind the Scenes clips from this cross-cultural romantic-comedy, recently awarded Best Feature Film (Comedy) at the 2011 Jersey Shore Film Festival. Andrea and Sarah each have several songs in this film, including ‘Love is Everywhere’, which was their first collaboration. This is where it all began…  ...


Switched At Birth

Posted on Jul 1 by

‘Love Is Everywhere‘ featured on Season 1: – Ep. 4 of ‘Switched at Birth‘ on ABC...


Lexicon Featured Artists!

Posted on Jun 23 by

 We are so pumped to receive a sponsorship of the PCM Native Total Bundle from Lexicon and to be featured in the Lexicon Artist Lounge! The Reverb plug-Ins have changed our lives!!! http://www.lexiconpro.com/artist.php?id=61  ...

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