Andrea & Sarah

Sarah and Andrea have each been busy with the release of their own albums, but they are still a team, still available, and both looking forward to recording new Kaliyo material soon. In the mean time, check out Andrea’s Solo album and Sarah’s band Jitterbug Vipers and all of the rave reviews, national press, awards, etc. that their new releases have earned.

Macy’s project

We recently worked with Ted Samore Productions to create the soundtrack for a “Magic Selling Stories” video for Macy’s annual company meeting. It premiered to a packed house at Radio City Music Hall and was beamed via satellite to movie theaters all over the country.  Macy’s does not release the video publicly, but here is a great client testimonial :)

“Your contribution turned the video’s value into a lasting impression. Don’t know how you did it but you created/captured the perfect fit for the storytelling.” – Best, Ted