Kaliyo :: Andrea Perry and Sarah Sharp

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Kaliyo (kah-LEE-yo)

Kaliyo makes catchy indie pop music. They are based in Austin, TX Sarah Sharp and Andrea Perry  became a duo in October 2010.  Over the following year and 1/2, they wrote over 50 songs together, mostly as works-for-hire for FirstCom. music. Their songs have been used in ad campaigns for Chanel, Dell, Macy’s, Playboy and TV shows such as Revenge,...

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Andrea & Sarah

Sarah and Andrea have each been busy with the release of their own albums, but they are still a team, still available, still recording new material on a regular basis.  Check out Andrea’s Solo album and Sarah’s band Jitterbug Vipers and all of the rave reviews, national press, awards, etc. that their new releases have...

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